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The Foundations of Effective Anger Management

In order to really learn to handle anger more effectively, we need to believe that:

  1. Anger is a normal natural human emotion
  2. Anger is very different from cynicism, hostility, withdrawal, abuse, and violence
  3. How we express anger is learned, primarily from the important people in our childhood
  4. Both men and women receive strong cultural messages about how to experience and express anger
  5. We need to be honest with ourselves about our anger and how it affects us and others
  6. Our anger is our responsibility
  7. How we express your anger is a choice
  8. Acting out or ventilating anger is NOT helpful in effectively discharging it
  9. We often lapse into destructive patterns of expressing anger with those around us
  10. Handling anger poorly creates significant consequences in many areas of our lives
  11. Handling anger effectively promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, self- respect, and the potential for trust and intimacy in relationships
  12. We can change how we experience and express the anger we feel
  13. Changing what we do with disrespectful anger is an ongoing and lifelong process

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