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How Can You Tell When Your Anger
Is Becoming A Problem For You or Others?

by Dave Decker M.A.

  • When the intensity of your anger is too great
  • When you get angry too frequently
  • When your anger drags on and lasts too long and you have difficulty letting it go
  • When your anger triggers fear and intimidation in others, creates emotional distance with those around you, and disrupts your relationships
  • When your anger interferes with getting your work done or creates problems for you on the job
  • When your anger restricts your ability to have fun, to be spontaneous and playful, and to relax
  • When your anger begins to create physical symptoms for you ...e.g. you get headaches, chest pain, stomach problems, or back aches
  • When your anger leads to emotional consequences
    ...e.g. you feel guilty, remorseful, and embarassed about what you have said or done when you were angry
  • When your anger leads to throwing, hitting, or breaking things
  • When your anger leads to hurting other people emotionally, verbally, sexually, or physically
  • When your anger leads to involvement with the police or to legal consequences
    ...e.g. restraining orders, disorderly conduct or assault charges

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