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21 Skills for Raising Empowered Children

From "Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World"

by Mike Obsatz

  1. Setting goals and planning for your future
  2. Disciplining yourself, improving your skills
  3. Brainstorming and problem-solving
  4. Coping with disappointments by grieving, forgiving and bouncing back
  5. Asking for nurturing and care when you need it
  6. Protecting your rights and privacy
  7. Avoiding potentially violent people
  8. Disarming the bully
  9. Using media wisely
  10. Creating safer neighborhoods and schools
  11. Identifying feelings and empathizing with others
  12. Respecting other people's rights
  13. Choosing good friends
  14. Expressing ideas and listening to others
  15. Collaborating and sharing ideas
  16. Compromising and negotiating
  17. Controlling impulses to strike out
  18. Venting anger nonviolently
  19. Nurturing and caring for others
  20. Supporting others through losses and disappointments
  21. Learning to play nonviolently





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