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Eight Types of Anger

From "Healing Our Anger"

by Mike Obsatz

  1. Chronic anger -- ongoing resentment toward others and life in general
  2. Volatile anger -- comes and goes, builds to rage, explodes as physical or verbal aggression
  3. Judgmental anger -- critical statements are made which belittle, shame, or correct other, done with disdain
  4. Passive anger -- expressed indirectly through sarcasm, or being late, or avoiding a situation
  5. Overwhelmed anger -- arises when people can't handle their life circumstances, and lash out to relieve stress or pain
  6. Retaliatory anger -- directed to a person to get back at them for something that they did or said
  7. Self-inflicted anger -- may result in hurting oneself emotionally or physically -- negative self-talk, starvation, eating or drinking to excess
  8. Constructive anger -- using anger to make some positive difference, such as becoming involved in a cause or movement for positive change






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