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Workshops offered by Mike Obsatz

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Healing Shame

(from 90 minutes 3 hours)
Examining the nature of shame, how it is internalized, and the cognitive/emotional/spiritual consequences. How to healing shame.

From Shame-based Masculinity to Wholistic, Healthy Manhood

(from 90 minutes to all day)
How boys and men are shamed into the masculine norm, and how this can lead to unhealthy behavior, addictions, and violence; how to develop the traits of healthy masculinity-- power, passion, purpose, persistence, presence, piety, paternity, perspective, politeness, patience, pardon, pliability, peace-making, and partnership.

Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World

(90 minutes to 3 hours)
Causes of violent behavior in children and adolescents, and how to teach them peace-making and interpersonal skills.

Reaching Healthy Maturity: An Antidote to the Culture of Disrespect

This workshop could run from 2 to 5 hours, and focuses on some of the major problems of contemporary culture -- narcissism, addiction, impulsivity, toxic media, immature sexuality, absent parents, materialism, consumerism, unhealthy male and female socialziation messages, hostility, rudeness, and depression. We will discuss 15 ways to help children and adolescents learn how to grow up into mature, compassionate adulthood. Video, discussion, and lecture.

Bullied to Death

(90 minutes to 3 hours)
Causes of bullying, frequency, types of bullies, effects on victims, and how to create a bully-proof environment.

Coping with Loss and Disappointment

(2 hours)

The grief process, and how to help others work through their grief.

Marginalized Kids

(2 hours)
Who are they? Why don't they fit? How does being marginalized affect them, and others? What can we do about it?

The Spiritual Advantages of Involved Fatherhood

(2 hours)


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