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Making Anger Your Ally:
Learning To Recognize And Handle The Anger Within and Around You

Offered by Dave Decker, M.A.

  • 5 Wednesdays from September 27 to October 25, 2017 (5-7 PM)
  • 5 Wednesdays from November 15 to December 13, 2017 (5-7 PM)
  • 5 Wednesdays from January 24 to February 21, 2018 (5-7 PM)
  • 5 Wednesdays from April 4 to May 2, 2018 (5-7 PM)

Anger is a powerful human emotion. Abuse and violence, distortions of anger, seem to be all around us in our world today. Sadly, for many people, anger is literally like a "dark side" that seems to come out of nowhere to overwhelm much of what could be good in their lives.

Anger becomes a destructive force in your life when it leads to attempts to hurt, punish, intimidate, and control those around you, which eventually results in emotional distance, mistrust, isolation, and even legal difficulties. Unfortunately, all too often, anger can also develop into a seemingly insurmountable problem with family and friends, at work, and even in the car. However, although anger is generally a painful and uncomfortable experience, it can also be a helpful and productive force in your day-to-day living. In reality, it can lead to self-knowledge, problem-solving, and intimacy with others when you learn to handle it effectively. How anger affects your life depends on what you do with the anger within and around you.

This five-part workshop for men and women 18 and older focuses on what anger is, how and where you developed your attitudes and beliefs about anger and its place in your life, and how to identify ways to be more aware of your anger triggers and your personal escalation process. You will also learn some specific and practical ways to slow down and de-escalate so that you can begin to handle your anger differently when you have the potential to explode or withdraw. Finally, you'll get some ideas about how you can begin to share the anger that you do experience in a more clear, assertive, and respectful way.
NOTE: This five-session anger management class is NOT therapy nor is it intended to serve as a domestic abuse treatment program but rather as a educational overview of what anger is, what anger isn't, and ways to handle your anger more effectively when it arises.

Cost: $350 ($650 for couples) for the five sessions which includes a 78-page workbook (FYI: Insurance will not pay for this workshop)
Richards Gordon Office Building, 1619 Dayton Ave, Suite 321, St. Paul MN, 55104
To Register: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (Workshop is limited to 20 participants) Click here to get printable mail-in registration form, or contact Dave at 612-725-8402 to receive a registration flyer.

About Your Workshop Leader:

Dave Decker, M.A., is a licensed psychologist in private practice. He sees clients in individual, couple, group, and family therapy. In all, he has worked for 20 years in mental health, chemical dependency, and college settings providing therapy for clients addressing a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, and relationship unhappiness. In addition to his clinical work, Dave has written a book called Stopping The Violence; developed and written two anger management workbooks; served as a media consultant on anger, road rage, and domestic abuse issues; and presented numerous workshops in various settings on topics such as assertiveness, anger regulation, domestic abuse, men's issues, stress management, shame and empowerment, grief and loss, and healthy relationships. He is a dynamic speaker and therapist who, through lecture, experiential exercises, and video clips, actively seeks to involve workshop participants in an exciting and growth-producing experience. If you have questions about this workshop, feel free to call Dave at 612-725-8402 (voice mail) or 651-646-HEAL[4325].





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