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Dr. Mike Obsatz, along with Charlie Borden and Kevin Obsatz, created and produced a one-hour documentary film, "Journeyman" about mentoring adolescent boys. It follows two boys through life-changing experiences including mentoring and a "rites of passage" weekend.

Featured in the film are Dr. David Walsh, Dr. Barbara Colorso, and Dr. Michael Gurian -- all experts about child development and the effects of American culture on our youth.

"Journeyman" was released in 2008 and is available for preview and purchase at the website:

On that website, you can also read about some of the issues that men and boys face in American society today.

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Our goal in developing this website is to share the knowledge we have gained about anger over the years through this medium and through our connections with the people who visit us here. This website is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in peoples' lives. We clearly know and appreciate the difference that education and tools can make when it comes to handling anger more effectively. This website and our services are offered to you, your families, and your organizations in the hopes that together we can make this a more caring, loving, and peaceful world for all. Thanks for visiting us and we are very interested in your comments, reactions, and questions to anything that you see here.

Our world, in many ways, has become a dangerous and violent place. We hear about disrespect, control, prejudice, hatred, abuse, and violence almost everywhere: in our homes and schools, at our workplaces, on our freeways, and in our communities. There is just too much hurtful and destructive anger all around us. But it doesn't have to be this way. These attitudes and behaviors are, in reality, distortions and perversions of anger.

Anger is a fact of life, a normal and natural emotion that everyone experiences at times. We are not going to eliminate anger from the planet. Anger is a part of being human. Depending on how it is handled, anger can build self-confidence and self-esteem and enhance your relationships with others or it can create guilt and shame and destroy trust and intimacy. It really has to do with how you experience and express it. When expressions of anger become abrasive, punishing, shaming, vengeful, and abusive or when you don't express anger at all, you begin to take a toll on your emotional, physical, relationship, and spiritual well-being. If you truly want to change this part of yourself, you need to first understand what anger is (and what it isn't) and then learn more effective ways to handle anger whenever it does arise.

This website, first developed in 2000, the start of the new millenium, is our attempt to help people who want to change the way that they experience and express their anger. Together, the two of us have over fifty-five years of experience counseling individuals, couples, families, and groups; writing books and articles; and presenting workshops and seminars to community groups and professional audiences. We have touched the lives of thousands in our endeavors up to this point. We hope to touch thousands more.


Dave Decker, MA, LP and Mike Obsatz, PhD





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